VMWest is your reliable project partner, with deep experience evaluating and treating vegetation within and adjacent to the power line right-of-way. Tree contact with transmission lines is an increasing source of wildfire ignition and a common cause of blackouts. VMWest operates under NERC/FERC Reliability Standards, which require that trees and vegetation growing in the power line right-of-way be managed to a stable, low-growth vegetative state. VMWest will evaluate, execute and monitor your project in accordance with your expectations.



Utility Forestry

VMWest understands "compatible vegetation" within the right-of-way and how to manage for it. We emphasize power line reliability, fuels reduction and defensible space, species and age class diversity, and aesthetically appealing landscapes.

Utility Sawyers

VMWest has deep experience felling the most hazardous trees. Our expert sawyers have safely felled thousands of danger trees on lines up to 345 kV during the past eleven years.

Mechanized Resources

When the job requires more than chainsaws. VMWest is equipped with extensive heavy equipment resources.

Forest Product Utilitization

VMWest has the capability to harvest and remove logs and other forest products from projects, which utilizes renewable resources and supports local industy.