Healthy Forest Restoration

VMWest has the ability to harvest and remove logs and other forest products from projects, which utilizes renewable resources and supports local industry. 

The removal of biomass from the forest will promote natural forest regeneration. Minimum chip depth left on the forest floor which will promote the growth of desirable species and encourage wildlife habitat. 

Logging Operations

VMWest has all the know-how and equipment to efficiently treat and remove timber resources in an environmentally responsible way.

VMWest owns the safest, most productive purposed-built forestry equipment available.

This equipment, in the hands of our professional operators, is in large part responsible for our outstanding track record of safely treating over 2 thousand miles of energized transmission lines. 

Equipment used:

  • Horizontal shaft mulchers from 120-365 horsepower
  • Tracked and rubber-tired feller bunchers
  • Tracked and rubber-tired skidders
  • Danglehead processors and stroke boom delimbers
  • Forwarders
  • Log loaders
  • Self-loading log trucks
  • Helicopter & cable logging
  • Horizontal grinder and chip trailers
  • Pull-behind tracked chippers
  • Bucket trucks