Mechanized Resources

VMWest owns extensive heavy equipment resources including chippers, mulchers (masticators) from 83 to 365 horsepower.

Tracked and rubber-tired feller bunchers, skidder, processor, self loading log truck, roller chopper and lowboy transports.

In most cases our projects can be accomplished with a combination of utility sawyers and mulchers.


When the job calls for more extensive removals, VMWest has the expertise and the tools to remove large volumes of forest products in an environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing manner.

VMWest uses mulchers equipped with horizontal shaft mastication heads. These heads do not throw masticated material in the same way vertical heads do, which is safer when working around power lines, roads, or structures.

VMWest ensures that masticated materials are well distributed. Our average chip/chunk depth does not exceed 3 inches therefore encouraging the growth of desirable species.


Equipment used:

  • Horizontal shaft mulchers from 120-365 horsepower
  • Tracked and rubber-tired feller bunchers
  • Tracked and rubber-tired skidders
  • Danglehead processors and stroke boom delimbers
  • Forwarders
  • Log loaders
  • Self-loading log trucks
  • Helicopter & cable logging
  • Horizontal grinder and chip trailers
  • Pull-behind tracked chippers
  • Bucket trucks