VM West Services

At VMWest, we are committed to providing you excellent service and dedication to completion of your project.

We have four specialities:

Transmission Line Vegetation Management

VMWest understands “compatible vegetation” within the right-of-way and how to manage for it. We emphasize power line reliability, fuels reduction and defensible space, species and age class diversity, and aesthetically appealing landscapes.

Healthy Forest Restoration

VMWest has the expertise and the tools to remove large volumes of forest products in an environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing manner.

VMWest uses mulchers equipped with horizontal shaft mastication heads. These heads do not throw masticated material in the same way vertical heads do, which is safer when working around power lines, roads, or structures.

Rangeland Restoration

VMWest conducts wildfire Mitigation and cleans for Defensible Space. We also conduct product removal, mulching and logging if necessary.

Forest Product Utilization/Firewood

Firewood is for sale and can be delivered. Call 970-852-9852 for pricing and availability.